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Short profile

Oondi was launched on the 12th of December 2006 after almost one month of planning and 5 months of development. The idea behind oondi is providing the world with free high-quality information, much like Wikipedia but crediting and rewarding the author for his or her work. In order to keep this site running without requiring donations, we rely on contextual advertising. However, we are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any third parties. Oondi is - and will remain - fully independent and objective when it comes to publishing differing opinions and views. In fact, anyone is allowed to write for oondi and he or she will receive all advertisement profits generated by his or her work.

The meaning of 'oondi'

Before launching this website, searching for the word 'oondi' resulted in 826 matches. Some results indicate that it's an Indian name, others mention recipes for preparing oondi: "Dip in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain, press out and cool.", although the latter seems to be a typo of the word 'boondi'. So what does the word mean? We're not sure it really had a meaning, so we've decided to it a new meaning; as a collective noun for articles, reviews, tutorials, interviews and stories.

Our vision

  • Information should be free: We do not charge anything for content published on our website. It's freely available on the internet and can be read by anyone and anywhere.
  • Information should be accessible to anyone: We've done our very best to ensure that our content can be accessed by anyone, regardless of technological or physical limitations.
  • Power to the people: We do not control or influence which oondis make it to the top of our default home page. Every user can vote once on every oondi and every vote is equal.
  • The choice is yours: Almost every aspect of our website can be configured to your personal preferences.
  • You own what you write: We do not claim ownership of your creations, whatever you publish on our website remains your property and can be edited even after publication. You decide wether or not your oondi is copyright protected and/or can be translated to other languages. However, for mainly technical reasons, we do not allow the tags or language to be changed, nor will we approve an oondi without any content.