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What is oondi?

Oondi is a place for writers to publish their work, without having to worry about anything else. This allows them to focus on the writing itself instead of having to build a website, find visitors, find a reliable host, monetizing the traffic and so on. Readers get free and easy access to all this information.

Why should I use oondi?

The main benefits of using oondi are listed below. We're sure you'll discover even more after you register and start using our site, but for now these will have to do... We don't want to reveal all our secrets just yet, that'd spoil the fun.

Reasons for readers

  • Completely free: Our entire database is 100% free.
  • Quality assured: All content published on oondi is first approved by an admin and is then subject to being voted on democratically by other oondi users. Information of poor quality will be instantly recognisable by the number of stars.
  • Have it your way: Our website was designed to allow complete customizability. You can build your own subscription groups to keep track of the stories you're interested in.

Reasons for writers

  • You get all the credit: We emphasize you as an individual author. People will read your publications and get a chance to find out more about you by visiting your profile or they can subscribe to your future publications.
  • You get paid: Why should anyone else reap the benefits of your labor? When you submit your work to oondi, you get 100% of the advertisement profits.
  • Focus on writing: Don't be distracted by other problems associated with starting a website or weblog such as designing, programming, troubleshooting, spamblocking, webhosting, marketing, search engine optimization, ...
  • No HTML knowledge required: Our website allows anyone to write HTML without even noticing it, using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor similar to desktop applications.
  • Free traffic: Even if you have your own website or weblog already, you could still benefit from oondi. Our home page has a healthy flow of visitors so getting your work noticed could be what you need to kick start your own site. You should not duplicate content though as this is not allowed.

What should I write about?

Simple; whatever you feel like writing about. If you don't have any inspiration right now, check out the most popular tags or the articles with the highest ratings.

How much can I earn?

It really depends on your own skill. If people like what you write, they'll subscribe to your feed and keep coming back and generate a decent income for you. If you're a very skilled writer earning 12,000 USD per month is not out of the question, although you'll need to build a loyal audience first.

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