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Author: poweronia
Published: 2007-01-12 22:55:34
Last edit: 2007-01-14 18:22:15
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5 Facts about Frying Fat off of Your Frame

Your body is the ultimate machine, and running it in peak condition does not require a complicated or time-consuming exercise routine.

These 5 facts about how to eat food and fry your frames fat—each with action plans—will help reshape your body this year.

Be realistic

Make small changes over time in your food choices and levels of physical activity. Small steps work better than giant leaps. Remember, small steps add up to long-lasting results.

  • Add more fiber-rich beans and peas to your meals.
  • Add the 'super food' spinach to any sandwich for a delicious phytochemical, antioxidant, and vitamin packed crunch!

Are you a chocoholic? Once or twice a week, you can trade in your usual chocolate snack for chocolate pudding or cocoa made with lowfat milk.

Like beef tacos? Make your own at home. They will be lower in fat and calories if you prepare the beef like this. . . place 1 pound of cooked ground beef in a strainer, and rinse with 1 cup of hot water. Drain well, and continue with your recipe.

Be adventurous

Expand your tastes to enjoy different kinds of foods. Most supermarkets carry thousands of different food items; yet for many people, the same eight or 10 “core” foods make up most of their purchases when they shop.

Being adventurous with food broadens your choices and helps you get the 40-plus different nutrients you need for a fully functional metabolism.
Trade in your usual chips, dips, and bagged 'munchies' for bright and crunchy red pepper strips, jicama slices, frozen grapes, and baked bagel chips.

Take your kids on a supermarket safari. Pick a food group, and let each munchkin hunt down one food he or she has never tried before.

Be flexible

Balance food intake and physical activity over several days. No need to worry about just one meal or one day. When it comes to building a better body it’s what you do over time that counts. Everyone overeats or gets lazy once in awhile.

So don’t worry about 'messing up' or splurging. Just balance out these times by eating a bit less or being a bit more active.

Eat a lighter breakfast and lunch to plan for “pizza with the works” for dinner. Split an order of fries or a rich dessert with a friend.

Did you eat an entire box of cookies or an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's? Don’t feel guilty! Just realize that the next time you go out, make plans to do something SUPER active, such as dancing or an extended exercise session with SUPER clean eating.

Be sensible

Enjoy all foods, just don’t overdo it. A supportive eating plan can—and should—include all the foods you like. After all, food is more than just fuel—it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures!
Here’s the secret: just don’t overfill your body with any one food. It’s okay to eat a larger or smaller amount. Just remember: It’s “what” you eat and “how much” balanced over several days that counts.
  • Put your food on a plate, and skip the urge to eat straight from the container. You’ll then be aware of how much you’re eating.
  • Try eating eating roasted, baked, broiled, or grilled foods.
  • Limit fruit juices intake. Focus instead on eating whole fruits and vegetables.
Be active (both physically and mentally)

Don’t worry if time is tight—you can total up your 30 minutes in 10-minute chunks throughout the day.

Be grateful for your body now. You created it with your thoughts and actions. If you want it to look differently, just change your thoughts.

Action follows thought. So the best way to do this is to just go for a walk first thing in the morning. Even if it is only for 4 minutes. Just get outside and MOVE.

Visualize what you want to create.

Bonus tip: Adults (and dogs) should exercise at least 30 minutes daily

Walk the dog, but don’t just watch the dog walk. Challenge that puppy! Try to get him tired! By the way, did you know that the FDA just approved a pill that supposedly helps OBESE dogs lose weight?

It's call slentrol That is the most ridiculous thing I've seen this year. Too funny.

What will your body look like after you stick to your fitness and fat loss goals until you reach them?
How will that feel? See it and get that feeling of success, that feeling of knowing YOU are in control of your ship. . . ahhhh. . . now that is a beautiful thing.

You have the power to reach your goals and be what and who you want to be.


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