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Author: aballantyne
Published: 2008-05-19 23:07:00
Last edit: 2008-05-18 19:38:04
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Many who have investigated ways to make money online are familiar with paid email but perhaps not with how the system works exactly. This system like any other is run by people so it is important to look at the players in this business. There are three important people in the get paid to read email system. In theory all will be able to make a profit. Here is a list of the important people in the business along with what each of them does.

1. The members of the paid to read email sites. Their job is to read advertisements from webmasters and affiliates promoting their various offers. Members get a percentage of the advertising as compensation for viewing the ads. Many members also refer new members because they get paid a percentage of the ads that the referrals read as well.

2. The owners of the paid email programs. They have many tasks to do such as sell and take orders for advertising, send out emails, pay members and maintain their website. The owners try to make a profit from the difference between what they take in for advertising revenue and what they pay out to members.

3. The advertisers. An argument can be made that they are the most important part since all the money comes from them. However the members and owners are equally important since the advertisers need them to. People who advertise on the paid to read email sites are trying to earn more revenue from their ads than what their costs are.

Sometimes the lines of distinction between members, advertisers and owners get blurred. Many members also advertise and often the owners will send their own ads to the members.

While everyone in the paid email system should profit in theory in practice it sometimes doesn't work. The webmasters of these programs often fail to make a profit. Advertisers often find it difficult to earn more than their expenses. Finally sometimes members fall victim to scams by dishonest websites or lose money due to a program that goes out of business. In spite of the problems with the paid to read email business there are still opportunities for all three parties.

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