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Author: lovetips
Published: 2008-01-10 03:20:00
Last edit: 2008-01-09 20:11:57
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The dating arena is a war zone and there are many women adversaries out there, but since the men are outnumbered 2 to 1 you get a fair chance at succeeding in your mission to catch a real he-man. But the dangers are there so watch out. If you plan your actions like a military strategist here’s how it might go:

Spotting and Targeting the Quarry
You’re a woman, attractive, single and available, and you happen to be in the battle zone where you spot a lot of men and a lot of yes, women adversaries. There are a lot of dummies here and also a lot of prospects. You finally come up with a list of personal profiles of men you’d like to date or even spend your whole life with. So you try to size them up indiscreetly less they know and your cover is blown.

Gathering Intelligence
You even send out scouts, your friends and even relatives so you can choose from a short list. After a while, your scouts and you have filtered out the dummies among the real genuine macho men and the philandering, just horsing around married and not so married playboy types and although you reluctantly have to let go of some them, those types of men are the right ones to avoid in the battle zone. They’re what you call land mines. You bump into them and your whole life disintegrates if you fall into their charm and become their unwilling victim.

Know Your Resources
Before coming up with a plan, you study yourself. Physically and mentally are you ready for this? Who else can you trust to help you in this mission? These people should be the right types for the plan to succeed. Finally after carefully examining yourself are you a match for this person?

Going in for the Kill
You make your entrance in a simple but elegant dress showing enough skin but showing your full attractiveness for everyone to see. All heads turn to you, including him. He is mesmerized and you pretend to reload by looking away from him then flash him again but this time the silencer. Your eyes start to eye him deeply and penetratingly and a naughty, innocent smile flashes him. He is blinded.

Mission Accomplished
Before he can recover or your adversaries come to save him. You advance and he’s suddenly engulfed in smoke, your expensive perfume floors him. He is immobile. You indulge him with your conversation and give him a really good time. The time moves fast and yet you’ve captured his heart, he surrenders to your charms.

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