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This article is about a most serious ethical concern, that of the form of human life itself.
written by jansegers on 2008-04-02 10:03:20 CET
Very informative and crisp information. I look forward to more writing by this author.
written by LabVIEW Engineer on 2009-05-25 07:29:56 CET
I have never subscribed to the ideology of evolution as to the basis for human existence. It is apparent to me that in a process whereby repetitive or continuous changing needs to occur we find none, merely speculation. Chimpanzees still have chimpanzee babies, humans still had human babies, etc. I have yet to hear scientists proclaim that a baboon has just had a human baby. People have the freedom to believe what they choose, I choose not to believe in this idea of evolution concept.
written by stonesky on 2010-01-06 09:59:12 CET
Informative post.
written by asmishra on 2010-03-30 10:11:44 CET
Thanks for sharing.
written by homejobs on 2010-06-04 13:01:34 CET
The main principles of Evolution genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection. This is the most remarkable article about Evolution. The author's erudition is evident in each line of the article. Please read my article "The Ache of Tiger Woods" and oblige
Santosh Kumar
written by lamb on 2010-06-14 09:02:21 CET
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