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Author: gabbyjoe
Published: 2010-04-19 11:06:56
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Anyone can make money from home.  It does not take a college degree or a mountain of inventory or big start-up costs.  The first thing you need is the "can do attitude.  If you have that, the sky is the limit.


1.) Become an " Agent " for LiveOps

If you have a pleasant phone voice, you can have money in your pocket in the blink of an eye.  When you see something on television, and the announcer says, "Live operators are standing by," he means it.  You could be a live operator.  Many companies need someone to take calls.  You can visit www.liveops.com/become-agent.  Maybe you would love to be on the other end of those calls speaking to the customers, and meeting their needs.

2.) Work From Home For West at Home

See www.westathome.com and you will know what a win-win this deal really can be.  If you can display  "care in your voice," pursue this avenue.  You can work from home, with training provided, and you can enjoy the perks of " working for a company" without having to leave home! 

3.) Selling Personalized Goods and Clothing

If you have an idea, I suggest you use it.  Personalized items are always the style!  You can make big bucks all year round just by putting your creativity to work.

4.) Transcription Services

Transcription service is the process of typing up notes made from recorded records.  You listen, you type.  If you want to work from midnight until 4 am you can.  There are five major markets: academic, business, medical, legal, and professional.  The projects are varied: book reports, doctoral dissertations, grant proposals, course outlines, menus for restaurants, consultants' reports, mailing lists, brochures and correspondences.  Medical trancription has become very common.

5.) Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist transcribes medical records from dictations, letters, patient histories, physicals, progress reports, and chart notes.  You can take a home-study course or classroom training in a vocational or technical school.  You can check out some internet sites that contract medical transcriptionists.  Earnings vary, but some medical transcriptionists pay can range from $30,000 to $90,000.  You can check out the american Association for Medical Transcription at http://www.aamt.org .


6.) Online Researcher

This is a great chance for those who love to Google!  Companies and individuals need someone to do the time consuming task of research.  If you enjoy facts and information, you can work from home, build a client base, and have a great time.  see www.justanswer.com/expert.aspx.

7.) Free & Clear Real Estate

Now, you can make big bucks in real estate and you do not need a real estate license.  You can find properties by using the internet sitting at home in your pajamas.  You determine how much time you are going to spend and when you are going to spend it.  check out www.johnbeck.tv.

8.) Child Care

The hardest thing for working parents is finding good child care.  People need someone who is reliable, trustworthy and caring.  A great opportunity is also before school and after school care.  The school hours do not match up with the work hours of most parents.  You may want to offer "day camps" in the summer with crafts and activities.The options are as wide as your creativity.

9.) Tutoring

You don't have to be a teacher or have any kind of degree to be a tutor.  You just need to know math, science or reading any subject for that matter.  and have the patience to help a student.  Good tutors are always in demand.  You can make up a brochure for the local schools and advertise locally.  ask for referrals from teachers and other students.  Tutors can earn from $25 to $ 50 an hour and even up to $100 per hour.

10.) Freelance writing

People in all careers need someone to write for them.  You can write articles, advertising copy, technical manuals and any other type of writing that you enjoy and that is in demand.  It is very important when writing, to write what you know. 

11.) Dog Walking

Many working people do not get home to exercise their dogs and will pay good money for someone to take the dog for a daily walk.  You can make great money with a dog walking business. 

12.) Pet Sitting

Taking care of the pets when the owner is away is one of the most popular pet-based businesses today.  People prefer the pets to be home where the surroundings are safe and secure, instead of being boarded at the kennel with strage or sick animals.  Some people want a pet sitter not only when they are away, but during the day when they are at work.

13.) Doggie Day Care

This is a great money for pet lovers.  You are home and you can collect $15 to $30 a day per pet.  In addition to babysitting the pets, some doggie day cares offers added services like nail trimming, grooming and baths.  Sometimes pick-up and delivery is included.  When you add additional services, you increase your income.

14.) Pet Clothes

Many people treat their pets like children, so clothing only makes sense.  If you love to sew and can design outfits, this business can be for you.  There is an online shop offering a wide variety of styles.  See four on the Floor Pet Wear at http://www.fouronthefloorpetwear.com you can also launch your own line. 


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