Homo Computans

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Published: 2008-01-09 08:46:03
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Why I chose “Homo erectus, homo sapiens, homo ludens, homo computans?” as subject for my paper

I’ve always been interested in the principle of evolution, especially regarding the future of mankind. Evolution is an ongoing process, even in these modern times “survival of the fittest” still applies in some ways, although surviving gets increasingly easier with every technological breakthrough. One may wonder what consequences this will have on the overall condition of the human gene pool...

The theory of natural evolution

The driving mechanisms of evolution are genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection. Genetic drift occurs when two genetically distinct organisms from a single population reproduce. If genes from different populations are mixed then genetic drift is called gene flow or gene migration. Natural selection usually plays an important role in evolution because it determines which genetic mutations are favourable; positive mutations result in better odds in terms of survival and reproduction.

The dangers and dilemmas of technological evolution

Modern technologies allow us to circumvent the laws of evolution. The need for an immune system is diminishing due to antibiotics, the consequences of genetic defects can be minimized or removed using medicine and the advances in genetic engineering have opened a whole new world of possibilities. These current and future possibilities raise some very interesting questions:

Afterthoughts and conclusion

Although one can only speculate about the future, it does look like some interesting dilemma’s will need to be solved. Will the homo computans be biological, bionic or mechanical? I suppose only time can tell…

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