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Personal Info Name: Gaylene Haver
Gender: female
Age: 68 years
Regional Info City of birth: Trinidad, Co
City: Littleton, Co
Country: United States
Language: English
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I own GMH Global Ventures, LLC and I am part owner of HyHazard Performance and Off Road, LLC.

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I did not do all this by myself I have had the great pleasure of studying under the Internet guru Mr. Stone Evans with Plug-In-Profits and he is very knowledgeable.  His training and guidance has made all the difference in the world.   I do not pretend to know all about this business and I do not have any problem asking for help from those that do know the business.

I am half owner of www.HyHazard.com  this is a site offering you auto part purchases from the best companies on the Internet and information on getting your auto "fixed up" with SpeedLiner bed liner if you are in NC.  Speedliner NOT just for Truck Beds Any More….

OK now I am out of companies.... Thank goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you

Gaylene Haver