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Ericsson demos 42Mbps HSPA Evolution for the laypeople

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Talk about making good on a promise... and then some. Back in March, Ericsson proudly proclaimed that it would be able to make 21Mbps look like child’s play by reaching 28Mbps before the dawn of 2010, and now the company is tooting its horn once more after demonstrating 42Mbps equipment to common folk over in Stockholm, Sweden. Reportedly, it’s the planet’s first 42Mbps HSPA achievement on c...

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Homo Computans

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Why I chose “Homo erectus, homo sapiens, homo ludens, homo computans?” as subject for my paper I’ve always been interested in the principle of evolution, especially regarding the future of mankind. Evolution is an ongoing process, even in these modern times “survival of the fittest” still applies in some ways, although surviving gets increasingly easier with every te...

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