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One of the main features of this website is the ability to subscribe to exactly the things you're interested in. These subscription groups are added to your personal navigation menu for easy access and you can choose to be notified by RSS or e-mail when a new publication appears on our website.

An example of a subscription group

We have created the subscription group 'Computer Stuff' as an example (left). As you can see there are 3 group action buttons next to the group title:

  • Change type: This button allows you to switch between RSS or e-mail notification.
  • Edit name: This button will display an input field for you to type the new group name.
  • Delete group: This button will delete the group including all its subscriptions.

Below the title, on the far left are several icons representing the type of the subscription:

  •   Author: Subscribe to anything published by this author
  •   Search: Subscribe to publications matching your query
  •   Tag: Subscribe to publications by the specified tag
  •   Type: Subscribe to publications of this type

The bottom icon (RSS feed link) will only appear when you're browsing the RSS subscriptions tab.

To the right of the icons are the requirements of each subscription. These can have the following values:

  • Optional: If a publication matches this subscription value, it's added to the notification list.
  • Required: Same as above, but all other publications in the group must also match this value or they'll be removed from the notification list.
  • Excluded: Checks all publications in the notification list. If it matches this value then it's removed.

Translated into a sentence, the example would result into: show me all publications written by 'techguy' or containing the words 'Alienware','Microsoft' but not containing the word 'problem' or having the tag 'computers','PC' which aren't interviews